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The "PRODUCT" is 


A "Full Ride On-Line D&s Education and "I.P." Opportunity" University style. 


Providing the opportunity to see if a Real and True Life FLR involving you, is able to be developed with one of our Esteemed DCI'S .    

The Femdom Academy 4 U, is the same as any vanilla University or College in the world.  This Academy has an extremely long tradition of providing the highest degree of D&S Academic excellence with our exclusive and convienient On-Line Programs with "IP" visitations as well, once you complete your courework. 

If you have not yet explored On-Line Education and Learning, the Femdomacademy4u's online degreed programs could very well be the solution that you are looking for to not just obtain your subservient degree, but also provide you with a real life Dominant Woman to take you as her own.  Learn how we can give you the flexibility and the personal private convienience that you need to have right now.  

Here you will learn from our Outstanding Faculty of  All Current Female Dominate DCI Candidates, that must first undergo a Two-Three Course Orientation to become certified as one of our Domme Corps Instructors and Trainers.   


A  D.C.I.,  is an esteemed and certified member of the Academy Domme Corps.  They are the Instructors, here not only to teach, train and educate, but who are also looking for FLRs of their own,  with boys who enroll.


The male enrollee, students (any adult submale) is referred to here as a "boy".


First the boy must enroll in the Academy, it's Coursework and Lessons of Instruction and Opportunity.  Majority of Courses contain about five lessons each, developed by Lifestyle Dominant Women of the Academy, past and present.


Everything here is also done securely and privately with the confidentiality of private dedicated emails and discussions.


 The Beginning Orientation Courses.  As well as Courses 1-01, 1-02, 2-01 and 2-02  are absolutely required to qualify for entry and the opportunity into the MEET THE DOMMES Lessons,  which may then lead to permanent assignment to a particular DCI, which can then hopefully blossom and develop into the FLR Level of Education that is required.


The first four Required Courses are Courses 1-01, 1-02, 2-01, and 2-02


The next four Courses and beyond will be level 3 and level 4 of Advanced Courses


The Transition to FLR Level begins with the "Fantasy Island" lesson where boys and DCs are permanently paired up 

for a trip to see if an FLR will develop.


(FLRs cannot be purchased or dictated, they must "develop" and we provide a most fertile environment for that to happen !)


If nothing developes with a particular DCI, Not to Worry, as you will be bid upon by any other DCI here that may or may not be interested in you. 


ALL Tuition is paid by purchasing the Tuition based Package of time through Goddess Cerru, that will best meet your own personal needs and budget. 


The more Time/semesters you buy, the cheaper the tuition will get.


One, Three, Six, Nine and 18 Month Enrollment Packages, are Available.  To Enroll Contact Goddess Cerru for the current pricing and options. 

It is very important to note here that DCI's are NOT PAID by the Academy to Teach and Instruct here.  They do this in order to find the right boy for themselves to take for their own.

Besides enrollment costs, there are just a few other associated very minimal costs that will occur as you get deeper into the curriculum coursework.

For the "Curriculum" check to see the Courses - and the Lessons.


The  DCI is the Domme Corps Instructor.


Check the "Dommes" Page to see them.


For the enrolled boys and their "Stables" Check the Page to see their profiles and transcripts.  The all-important dog tags are shown in a collage just below the profile page. 


Okay, now once you have enrolled here is what happens.    


You are contacted by email and we begin Course 1-01 during which your profile is created under the "Stables”page.


The Courses you must take are; 1-01, 1-02, 2-01, and 2-02, then After you have completed these courses and lessons, you will be afforded the opportunity to MEET EACH DOMME, through a personal course/.   Whenever you request ANY Course, you are sent  the Course/Lesson packet by email. It will include the DCI's email address.


You read the first and every lesson and then contact her to begin Discussion and Exploration of the lesson with a back and forth exchange of emails.    The lesson is over when she says it is over.  She will inform you of your Lesson grade: P (Pass) or  F (Fail)

and then you begin the next lesson, etc.


Whenever the course and lessons are done, you get a COURSE GRADE  Pass or Fail, which the DCI reports to me and is recorded as completed on your Profile Transcript.  FAILS, or “F’s” are usually the result from a poor attitude or simply disappearing. ALL Failed Courses require a "re-take" fee.


Thus, with each Course you learn about the topic, yourself, and the DCI !


You must pass ALL assigned Courses to be able to begin Course 4-01 Transition to FLR. Pairings for "the trip" are made after MEET THE DOMME’S Lesson among boys and DCI’s with whom they have Interacted and taken the course together. 

Courses 4-01 and 4-02 may or may not

result in the formation of a D&s Truelife FLR, 

you see the "chemistry must sizzle" for 

both boy and DC. How else could it be?


But if not,  the boy may try again, perhaps taking other Advanced Courses 

to learn more and meet other DCIs.


When an FLR is formed and consummated,

you become HER boy .. and one of "our"

Academy boys.


There is a 3 Lesson "Course" for each DCI. 

(1) for HER to learn about you.

(2) for you to learn about HER,  and

(3) HER favorite Lesson to explore with you.



A D&s Truelife FLR cannot be 

purchased or dictated, it must DEVELOP

and we only are able to provide a fertile environment

for that to happen between both DCI and student submale !

Semper Fem,

Goddess Cerru

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